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RV Winterizing Accessories

Here are the most popular RV winterizing accessories. However, if you do not see what you are looking for, you can call us at (303) 904-1558:

Artic Ban 1 Gallon - 50 Degree Antifreeze RV Anit-freeze Anti-Freeze...$ 6.99 per Gallon
Blow Out Plugs
Standard Blow-Out Plug Brass - Uses Air Hose With Tire Air Valve Connection Standard RV brass blow-out Plug
Camco-09-0214...$ 5.19
Quick Connect Blow-Out Plug Brass - Attaches To Any Air Hose For More Air Pressure Quick Connect RV Blow-out Plug
Camco-09-0216...$ 9.59
By-Pass Kit
Quick-Turn By-Pass Kit Quick-Turn RV By-Pass Kit
Camco-09-0227...$ 26.49
Permanent By-Pass Kit Permanent RV By-Pass Kit
Valterra-09-0095...$ 34.49

Pirit Series II Heated Water Hose - used to provide a constant source of water in freezing temperatures

To Use:

  • Simply unroll the hose to use just as you would a normal garden hose.
  • Screw the female end (near the electrical cord) of the hose onto your faucet. Make sure the washer is in place inside the female coupling.
  • Plug the 3-prong cord into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) or a properly-grounded 3-hole outlet that is protected by a GFCI.
  • The heater is thermostatically controlled and will not turn on unless the ambient temperature approaches freezing temperatures.
  • It is good practice to drain and unplug the hose when not in use to extend the lifetime of the hose.
  • If water is frozen inside the hose, allow several minutes for the ice to melt after plugging in the hose and before use.
  • DO NOT pull or tug the hose with excessive force as this may damage the fittings and electronic components.
  • Thermostatically Controlled, turns on when temperatures are below 45 F, off when temperatures are above 50 F
  • Pirit Hose has been tested to -42 degrees F (-41 degrees C )
Pirit Heated water Hose
12 Foot Kit
Pirit-Heated-Hose-12-Foot...$ 119.99
25 Foot
Pirit-Heated-Hose-25-Foot...$ 119.99
50 Foot
Pirit-Heated-Hose-50-Foot...$ 119.99

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