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5th Wheel Hitches

Curt 5th Wheel Hitches - BEST VALUE

B&W 5th Wheel Hitches - Great Value

Draw-Tite 5th Wheel Hitches

Hijacker 5th Wheel Hitches
Valley/Husky 5th Wheel Hitches

PullRite SuperGlide Automatic Slider 5th Wheel Hitches

SuperGlide Automatic Slider 5th Wheel Hitches For Underbed Mounting Kits
SuperGlide Automatic Slider 5th Wheel Hitches For Industry Installed Rails
SuperGlide Bracket Kits
SuperGlide Capture Plates Super 5th Wheel Hitch

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BlueOx BedSaver
BlueOx BEDSAVER - 5th Wheel Trailer Cannot Drop Into Truck Bed
  • Dropping a 5th Wheel Is More Common Than You Think
  • With a BedSaver You Can Put That Woory To Rest and Give Your Pickup Bed Rails A Break
  • Catches The King Pin And Holds It Safe and Secure
  • Easy To install
  • No Drilling Or Hitch Modification
  • No Moving Parts
  • Black Powder-coated Finish Blends With Hitch
  • Trailer Loads & Unloads Normally

Blue Ox BedSaver

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection
Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection - Rail Version
  • Fits All Industry Style Rails
  • Will not void an RV warranty
  • Lightest weight 5th wheel hitch available - only 40 lbs!
  • Weight rating: 20,000 lbs GTWR, 4,500 tongue
  • Base can be removed or installed in 45 seconds!
  • Complete installation with coupler in less than 5 minutes
  • Features a remote latch/unlatch cable.
  • Because it rides on a ball, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Rail model has the most amount of swivel in any direction of ANY 5th Wheel Hitch on the market
  • The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection can be easily coupled or uncoupled on almost any uneven terrain. There is no need to be level to disconnect the trailer from the hitch
  • Installs onto industry standard rails in both long bed or short bed trucks without any special parts or adapters.
  • Made in the USA!


Click Here To View Video of the Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Mounting Adapter For RAM OEM Under-Bed Rail Kit
Reese Ram Rail Kit
  • 25,000 lbs. gross/6,250 lbs. pin weight capacity
  • SAE J2638 fatigue and static tested
  • Use with RAM OEM under-bed rail kit
  • The robust Reese adapter will not touch or scratch the truck bed
  • Works with any 15K, 16K, or 20K standard fifth wheel hitch for Industry Standard Rails
  • Uses the fast and secure Reese® patented latching system
  • Built-in handles for safe, easy installation and removal
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pull-Rite Ram Rail Kit
  • For use with factory installed Fifth Wheel Tow Prep Package
  • Introducing the new PullRite OE Series Dodge ISR Adapter kit. Now you can use your Dodge tow prep package with any industry standard fifth wheel hitch.
  • Breaks down to four individual pieces, making installations an easy one man job.
  • Four independent mounting posts and standard hitch pins require no tools to remove.
  • Tow proud with another American made, safe and convenient PullRite innovation.

Click for Instructions for PullRite 4439 Adapter

Pull-Rite Dodge Puck System Adapter
Demco Ram Rail Kit
  • For use with factory installed Fifth Wheel Tow Prep Package
  • 25K rated industry standard rail system for Dodge factory installed 5th wheel hitch package
  • Easy, quarter turn removable operation with 4 locking pins, this feature also allows you to remove the rail system with or without the 5th wheel hitch attached.
  • The frame rails easily install in the top side of the truck box with all adjustments being made from in the truck box without having to make any adjustments from the underside of the box.
  • This rail system is proudly made in the USA.
  • Now you can use your Dodge tow prep package with any industry standard fifth wheel hitch.

Demco Dodge Puck System Adapter

5th Wheel Adapter For Gooseneck Hitch
Curt X5 5th Wheel Adapter Plate
  • Adapts turnover ball goosenecks to fifth wheel rails
  • Change from Gooseneck trailer towing to fifth wheel trailer towing in minutes
  • For use with all 5th Wheel Hitches that Utilize Industry Standard Rails (CURT, Draw-Tite, Valley)
  • 20,000 lb. Capacity
  • 2 Models Available
    For B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitches
    For Curt Double-Lock Gooseneck Hitches

5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

Standard Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Couplers - Mounted King Pin
For 4" Round Tube
  • Pull Your Gooseneck with a 5th Wheel Hitch In Your Pickup or Semi-Tractor
  • Fits Standard 4" I.D. Round Trailer Coupler Tubes
  • Standard king-pin with 10" round bolster plate fitted to 18" round tube
  • Durable Black powder coat finish
  • Handles 30,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight
  • Click Here For All The Gooseneck To 5th Wheel Coupler Options

King Pin Boxes
King Pins For A Smoother Ride, Easier Turning

Click Here For All The King Pin Boxes We carry

5th Wheel Accessories
Pop Up 10" Extended King Pin
  • One Hour Bolt-On Installation
  • Easily Add 10" More Clearance Between Truck and Trailer
  • More Trailer Swing, Easier Maneuvering
  • Fits Standard King Pin Box
  • Utilizes a Strong King-Pin Clamp
  • White Powder Coated Finish
  • This Entension Adds 3 1/2" To Height Between King Pin and 5th Wheel Hitch
  • Rated to 24,000 lb., 6,000 lb. Gross Tongue Weight

BAL Tripod FASTJACK King Pin Stabilizer
  • The TriPod FASTJACK is the lightest kin pin stabilizer on the market offering full adjustability on each of the three legs.
  • The TriPod FASTJACK slips on to the trailer's pin to help support the FASTJACK and uses gravity to assist in setup.
  • No need to worry about uneven ground while setting up as each leg independently adjusts to the ground using the integrated ratchet system.
  • Apply tension as needed and enjoy maximum stabilization.
  • No assembly required.
  • Ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Collapses to compact size to help with storage.
  • Large base pads for firm footing
  • Adjustable from 40 to 60 inches
  • Lightweight – 19 lbs
  • Rust inhibitive finish
  • Lockable to trailer pin with included pad lock
  • Limited One-Year Warranty

Click Here To View Video of the Tripod In Action

Chain Bracket Kit
  • For Use on all 5th Wheel Hitches With Industry Standatd Rails
  • Attaches To One Of The Unused Slots In The Rail
  • Provides Secure Attachment For Trailer Safety Chains
    Curt_16000 (pair)...$91.99
Replacement 5th Wheel Pin & Clips
  • For Use on all Fifth Wheel Hitches Using Universal Rails In The Bed
  • Set of 4
Sound Dampening Pads
  • For Use on all Fifth Wheel Hitches Using Universal Rails In The Bed
  • Place Between Rails & 5th Wheel Hitch To Eliminate Rattling
Nylon Lube Plate
  • For Use on all Draw-Tite Fifth Wheel Hitches
  • Protects Fifth Wheel Plate from the Wear of Normal Towing
  • 10" Lube Plate Works With All 5th Wheel Hitches
  • Eliminates the Need for Messy Grease
5th Wheel Lock
  • All Steel Construction
  • Lock Includes Watertight Cap Seals Out Moisture and Dirt, Preventing Corrosion

Trimax 5th Wheel Lock
  • Constructed Of Heavy Gauge Steel For Added Security
  • Rugged Weather Proof Epoxy Powder Coat Finish Prevents Rust
  • Includes 3 Keys

5th Wheel Lock - Locks 5th Wheel Hitch To Rails
  • For Use on all 5th Wheel Hitches
  • Prevents the Theft of Fifth Wheel
  • 1/2" Pin
Pull Pin Lock Plates
  • For Use on all 5th Wheel Hitches
  • Prevents the Theft of Fifth Wheel and Unwanted Removal of Pull Pins
  • Accomodates Most Common Padlocks
  • Package of 4

Wiring Components
5th Wheel & Gooseneck Trailer Plug Adapters

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