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Ball Mount Accessories For Trailer Hitches

Hook-up Guides

Hitch Aligner
  • Eliminate Multiple Attempts to Connect Your Trailer
  • The Two Telescoping Rods have Magnets on the Bottom and Extend Up To 42" and Collpase Down To 13 1/2"
  • 4 Steps:
    • Place one Valley Hitchin Aligner Rod on the forward-most flat surface of the trailer coupler
    • Place the other rod on the hitch ball
    • As you back up your vehicle, visually align the two rods using your rearview mirror
    • Back up slowly until the rod in front of the ball touches the the ball on top of the coupler. Your hitch is now properly aligned.
Valley Hitch Aligner Valley Hitch Aligner

Other Ball Mount Accessories
Hitch Grip
  • HitchGrip makes moving and attaching your trailer hitch fast, clean and easy!
  • It's easy on your back and simple to use - Just lift and go!
  • HitchGrip is the safe and clean solution for trailer hitch installation, removal, and transportation.
  • HitchGrip is a necessary tool for easy hook up of your RV, boat, camper, or horse trailer. This revolutionary product allows you to hook up and remove your hitch in seconds without straining your back or getting down on the ground.
  • Try the HitchGrip and you'll never travel without it!
    • Your hitch feels lighter. You can lift it with one hand and transport it easily.
    • Your hands stay clean. No more grease. No more grime. You never have to touch your hitch again.
    • Makes the job safer because HitchGrip stabilizes the hitch and evenly distributes the load. Your back and thumbs will thank you for years to come.

Hitch Grip

Click Here To View Video of the Hitch Grip

Shin Protector
  • No more bruised shins
  • The Husky Shin Protector is made from soft rubber that fits securely over the tow bar tongue
  • Fits easily between tow ball and tow bar tongue
Shin Protector
Enkay "Rock Tamers" - Adjustable Mudflap System
  • Mounts To Any Standard 2" Ball Mount - Center Hub Requires at Least 1" of Free Space On Ball Mount
  • We have 2 models that Easily To Attach or Remove From Any Standard 2" Ball Mount or 2 1/2" Ball Mount
  • Designed To Provide The Ultimate Protection For All Your Towables
  • Adjusts From 66 3/4" to 93 3/4" - Can Be used On Single Wheel Or Dually vehicles
  • No Drilling Required
  • Overall Width Is Adjustable and Easily Fine-tuned To Fit Any Full Size Truck
  • The Mudflap Height is Adjustable To Maintain Consistent Ground Clearance When Towing Various Loads
  • Custom Molded 24" x 24" rubber mudflaps (can be cut to fit)
  • Made in the USA
  • UPS Shippable
    Black for 2" Receiver
    Black for 2 1/2" Receiver
Enkay Adjustable Mudflap
Enkay Adjustable Mudflap on Vehicle
Mud Flap Attachment
  • Keep Flying Rocks and Other Road Debris From Hitting Your Trailer, Boat, RV or Other Prized Possessions
  • Adjusts 76" to 102" Wide To Fit Any Vehicle
  • 17" Of Overall Height Adjustment
  • Mounts To Any 2" Ball Mount
Inventive Mud Flap Attachment

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